The company was born out of passion. After many years of working with cars, I have decided to turn my hobby into a serious business. I have decided to follow my bold dreams and I am fully committed to what I am doing

After being unable to find the quality I was looking for on the market, I have made my decision to do things better myself. I have started finding, importing and perfecting classic cars and youngtimers professionally.


Every single car we import is carefully selected. We choose only low-mileage, high-quality luxury and sport cars, checked personally by our representative on the spot. As we are dealing with cars that have been driven very little, we go the extra length to find all areas that require maintenance – we do full oil and filter inspections, check the brakes, buy new tyres, replace timing belts if necessary. Before handing over, we test drive the car to see which seals and suspension parts show signs of wear. Anything we find, we replace with new parts.


Through years of experience, we have gathered a team of great expertise and experience in all areas – mechanics, body specialists, detailers… We even chose our tyre crew with special care!

When choosing Timeless, you can be sure your car is serviced with best care and to the highest professional standards.

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